A selection of videography below showing some video examples of our work.

And remember, if you're local, it might be possible to charge by the hour if you don't need too much.

A video we made to promote a barbershop.

When originally posted on the shop's social media page, it received a lot of attention.


As videos become more popular they are more likely to be suggested by the social media algorithm meaning your video can pop up as a suggested video to watch for someone who may not already know about your business.

A menswear shop video that Bridgewater have as a pinned post on their Facebook Page.

As soon as visitors visit their Page they can see what the shop is like, the merchandise they sell / hire and other services that are available like suit fitting. All at a glance.

This video has helped inform people that there is a formal menswear clothing retailer in Colne, Lancashire specialising in gentlemen's attire that did not otherwise know about it.

A real estate development in Manchester.

This video was made for one of the consultants working on the project to show their current and potential clients just one of the schemes that they were involved in.

A female vocalist promo video we enjoyed making.

The client has posted this video on her various social media channels and it has received thousands of views.

You have to think that every viewer is or could be a potential client. The video is an advert to!

Below are a selection of more videos that slide off to the right if viewing on a mobile. 

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