We get asked, 'How much does video production cost?' , 'What is your video pricing?' or 'Is it expensive?' Well no, we don't think so. We base our quotes on how long we anticipate a project will take based on a client's requirements.

We have found that every video project is different and generic prices are not really possible meaning projects cannot be pigeon holed. For example the price would depend on the length of the video required, which affects the video editing time. It might also depend on the number of recording locations that have to be visited as well. Maybe a project requires numerous visits at different times of the day, week or year.


There are a lot of variables and it's all about complexity meaning the more simple and shorter the video required, the cheaper it’s going to be.

For the type of videos that you can see on our website, recorded in the north west, we typically apply the following videography day rates when quoting for video work. But please talk to us to see what we can do. eg. We apply can apply a different rate for a different style of edit such as using long continuous shots for a property 'walk through' which would be quicker.


£190 for 1 day (8hrs)

  • Equipment preparation

  • Travel to and from site

  • Recording on site by one operator of whatever it is you want.


£160 for 1 day (8hrs)

  • Editing of footage taken 

  • Licensed / Copyright free music included if required

Specific requirements


  • We will include costs of any additional requirements you might have within our quotation

  • eg. Professional voice over work

  • eg. Specific motion graphics

If you have something specific in mind or live further afield, that's fine. We are always happy to discuss your needs and come up with a solution to suit your requirements.

Payment options

While cash is always nice to receive we also accept payment via BACS and Paypal.

What we do insist though is that a 50% deposit is paid upfront. Not only does this secure your video recording and video editing slot but also covers things like searching for and obtaining music, risk assessment work should aerial footage be required and not least the initial time we like to spend coming up with a concept for your video.

After the video has been rendered and uploaded to the cloud we make the video available via a download link and ask for the balance.

Video can be as short or as long as you want depending on how and where it is to be used. Our quotes are based on the time taken on site spent with yourselves to obtain the footage in addition to our assessment of how long we anticipate the edit to take along with any other additional expenses that may be required. So the less complex the video, the cheaper it is going to be.

Working with you, we'll agree on a concept for the video and carry out a risk assessment first if aerial work is to be involved. The next stage is to visit the site to record the video footage and once done, back at the computer we'll decant and review the footage, edit the video, choose and add text if specified, add copyright free or licenced music, sound effects or professional voice over if required (Even cheaper if using your own voice over!) with the final product being delivered via a download link due to the size of the file.

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