A running and jumping whippet video - Video No2 while in lock down

Updated: May 11

While we love to offer our videography services to those companies that make enquiries, it's a little bit quiet at the moment so we decided to make another video for fun and a bit of practice since we're not getting out and about.

For those of you who have a dog or even a whippet and have tried to record them, you can imagine that it was a challenge as all he seemed to want to do is run away from the camera and out of focus. A little bit different to corporate videography we'll say.

So how do you record a Whippet? In essence you will need someone to help you and a bag of treats! We wanted lots of slow motion jumping shots so for that we set our camera to a high frame rate of 180 frames per second for the most part. The ISO was down at 200 using a natural profile while the aperture was around 2.0 with tweaks up and down depending on how sunny it was. Pressing record at the same time as throwing the treats seemed to work and the shots that came out were OK. There's loads of room for improvement but as it was only a bit of fun and even a Whippet gets bored at some point, we didn't want to overdo it.

So here he is, 30 seconds or so of the Siteflight dog in all his 'Whippetyness'. Enjoy!

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