A Raleigh Reynolds road bike video - Video No1 while in lock down

Updated: May 11

Like a lot of people we're hunkered down at home without any work coming in so we thought we'd take the time to take some footage out in the garden. It's always good to get some video editing done to keep one's hand in as they say for future web video production work that we hope will start rolling in once the pandemic is under control.

This video is that of an old racer that I've got. It's time traveled from the eighties up till now and is still going strong and I thought that it might be fun to record it for posterity. If your wanting to do the same, one of the problems I had to sort first of all was how to keep the bike upright. Not easy to do on your own. In the end I used a section of rebar that had to be hammered into the ground (and taken out again!) in quite a few locations around the place that then allowed me to position the bike against it on both sides and ends of the bike. What I didn't want to have to do in post was extensive masking work to remove it as this video didn't warrant it, and I didn't. Unless you look closely, especially after reading this, I just about get away with it.

Once that was sorted it's just a case of getting some nice shots. We like to mix close-ups with wider shots although I was a bit lazy and didn't want to keep changing the lens so I opted for my Sigma 18-35 allowing me to zoom out for those wider shots. The music choice was rather rushed if I'm honest as I didn't want to waste a good track on just some personal work. Other video types might be able to relate to this.

Anyway, here she is in all of her 80's glory.

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