Streetlife | Visiting a homeless charity for young people

We had the pleasure of visiting Streetlife in Blackpool a few weeks ago. Streetlife is a charity working with young people between the ages of 18 to 26. When we got there, unfortunately the centre was temporarily closed to the young people because of the Corona virus crisis so instead they were putting together food packages into large carrier bags. These were later collected by others and taken to where they were needed.

Whilst we were there we sat down with each of the youth workers who were there on that particular day with our camera to hear their thoughts and views on homelessness of young people in the Blackpool area. The general consensus was that after the pandemic was over, some good might come out of it in terms of reducing the number of homeless out on the street. For those of you that don’t know, during the crisis the British government temporarily homed lots of homeless people in hotels and bedsits. The general hope being that this could continue in some way going forward even after the virus situation has diminished.

It was both an insight and humbling to meet these workers, young people themselves, some of which were volunteers working for the charity to put together something that people would want to watch. Our hope is given the thousands of views that video posted on the charity’s Facebook Page has already received, more awareness of the work that Streetlife do in Blackpool is generated helping them go forward to help even more young people.

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