A 'flying car' video - Video No3 under lock down

Updated: May 11

The weather was a nice as the forecast suggested so I was able to dig out my green screen to set up outside with a view to completing the illusion of flying my car in Lancashire. As you do.

The day before I had already taken the drone outside and recorded aerial footage taking off from the ground, traveling forward a bit before turning 90 degrees to the right and forward again. This was for the rear view shot I would record in the car later. I then had to repeat this process for the side window shot so everything was the same but starting 90 degrees to the right this time.

With the green screen set up in front of the car and the camera placed strategically near the back, with the rear seats down, it was a case of acting as though I was literally lifting vertically. I had already made a note from the day before of how long it took the drone to take of and to turn right so it was a case of making sure I turned the wheel after the same amount of time. This was all repeated with the screen placed outside the driver's window and while I just about pulled it off, it's not perfect.

Some top tips for you. If you can don't have the screen too close to the car as you'll get green light reflected back at you and the car that will need correcting or living with. Remember how you acted on the first take and repeat exactly or you might have to redo it or be cunning with your editing.

So here it is, me and my flying car.

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